Young versus Old

If I date a younger guy he’s got a gaggle of kids …
If I date an older guy he has erectile dysfunction …
What more can I say ???


Chia Pet – Watch it Grow !!

chia untitled

There are pros and cons to being single ( or what I like to call in-between boyfriends ). In regard to the pros is this … I no longer have to shave my nether parts. This means NO MORE ingrown hairs and I have a super cute new best friend … my own special chia pet … Yippy !!


We need other people, not in order to stay alive, but to be fully human: to be affectionate, funny, playful, to be generous. How genuine is my capacity to love if there is no one for me to love, to laugh with, to treat tenderly, to be trusted by? I can love an idea or a vision, but I can’t throw my arms around it. Unless there is someone to whom I can give my gifts, in whose hands I can entrust my dreams, who will forgive me my deformities, my aberrations, to whom I can speak the unspeakable, then I am not human, I am a thing, a gadget that works but has no ashes.

By Hugh Prather – Notes on Love and Courage 1977

Empty Shell

Him … “I am an empty shell.”
Me … “No, you are not.”
Him … “I guess it depends on what one is talking about. In regard to hot air I am indeed full of something. Therefore, I am not an empty shell. However, in regard to me being empty emotionally AND having little to no hope of ever fostering a meaningful relationship with anyone EVER … I definitely fit the bill.”
Me … “Dude, that is HARSH.”
Him … ” From the mouth of the woman who tells it like it is … THAT, is the stoic isolation that I practice to deal with the loneliness that I endure. That’s why I am so stand-offish with you. You find chinks in my armour. I know that’s just you being you and I don’t expect you to be different. I’m just damaged goods.”