A little bit about me

I smoke too much, I drink too much and at the age of 44, I am still looking for love.
And I know that I am not alone.
After failed relationship # 72 ( this is just a guess ) … I feel like giving up.
It was this, last heartbreak, that inspired me to start writing.
Write it down, examine it, ponder it, explore it, and ultimately do something different.
Throwing myself down on the ground and beating my fists in frustration is not going to make it better.
( I know this for a fact as I tried it hundreds of times as a child )
Ultimately, my choices are my responsibility.
Writing it all down allows me to take a closer look at what the hell I am doing, oh, and BTW some of it is really funny shit!
And finally, in sharing my stories they are no longer in my head, they are no longer my dirty little secrets, and maybe, just maybe, I will learn something.
And maybe you will too.
According to multiple sources, I should be jaded by this point, but the amazing thing is, I am not.
I still keep following my heart.


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