Loving our Planet

I have always wondered if the dinosaurs were aware of their imminent demise. Were they were aware of global warming? Is it possible that they sat around and discussed how they might in fact better their world and improve their conditions for the greater goodness of all dinosaurs? Were they perhaps in the middle of this discussion when the asteroid hit? What really happened?
I cannot fathom the dinosaurs intentionally and knowingly raped the planet, and yet, they are extinct. We humans, with our big brains, know precisely the radical damage we are doing, yet we continue. We are accelerating our extinction at breakneck speed.
I am not being sarcastic and I do care about our planet.
So … what are we going to do?
It could be something really simple … recycling, driving a more fuel efficient car, buying local, eating organic, growing your own garden, xeriscaping your yard, turning off all the lights when you are not at home, composting, riding a motorcycle or scooter, donating to a good cause, walking to work or riding a bike, unplugging appliances when not in use, and my very favorite … get some urban chickens !!!
And love your planet 🙂

Last Dino