I got in a heated discussion yesterday about mental illness and whether or not it actually exists? If it cannot be proven scientifically, does that mean it does not exist? Does God exist? A lot of people certainly believe. Does love exist? I certainly think so. How about homosexuality? Can it be proven by genetics or science? Of course not.
I have bipolar disorder. I consider it a gift. It is both beautiful and magical, and at times painfully devastating. I was finally diagnosed at the age of 30. That diagnosis changed my life. I have been on the same medication, faithfully, for 14 years. Medication. Science. One pill a day. It works. Just like someone takes a thyroid pill for underactive thyroid. Wow !! Problem solved.
Due to my brilliant doctor, my diagnosis, and my medication, I exist and live in the world. I have a job I love, a beautiful home, wonderful friends and family and a VERY positive outlook on life.
So … that is enough fucking scientific proof for me.
And you assholes out there who are still living in the dark ages who think mental illness is just a made-up phony sham ??
You know what ??
Fuck YOU.
You are completely ignorant, myopic and brainless. You might want to take another look in your microscope … and a good one at that.
BTW, I am the last person, on earth, that you want to have an argument with, over the scientific validity of bipolar disorder.

For more information on bipolar disorder go to


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