Mikenna’s first kiss

My very first kiss was the summer between 7th and 8th grade. I was at Lagoon ( theme park ) with my girlfriend. Of course we dressed super cute because at that age, you don’t go to Lagoon to ride the rollercoaster, you go to meet boys. Near the entrance we ran into my crush … Zach. With short spiky hair and baggy jeans, he floored me. He asked me to go on the terror ride with him. My heart about fell out of my chest. YES !!!! ( Did I just jump in the air and kick my heels together? I hope nobody saw that ) Hands shaking and heart pounding, the ride begins. Awkward silence. Halfway into the ride he asks me … “do you wanna kiss?” I candidly say … “sure”. I turn my face towards his, close my eyes, he leans in fast, cracks my nose with his, and misses. He barely got the corner of my mouth. The ride ended. I was in love.

This story was a contribution from my friend Mikenna.


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