All out of cookies

cookie untitled

There is a guy that lives in my neighborhood
I have been waving at him for two and a half years
I finally decided to stop and meet him
Turns out he is an artist
A very interesting and talented man
And I kinda like him
So we start hanging out
And I enjoy his company and presence
When I like someone I enjoy giving gifts
It makes me feel good
So I share some of my cookies with him
Warm chocolate chip cookies
I invited him over for tea and cake
It was lovely
I made chicken soup and left it on his front step
I bough a bottle of his favorite gin to keep at my place
I made a doll for him with a special pillow
I invited him over for Yahtzee and soup and we made love
I invited him over for carnitas and a movie
The movie was ok
The company was better
I gave him a scarf that matched his eyes
I invited him bowling with friends and we had a blast
I left a basket on his porch with soup, wine, yogurt, bread and cookies
I planned a trip for us to go to the hot springs
That is where it ends
( Silence )
Not really sure why
Perhaps he prefers to be alone
Perhaps he doesn’t have anything to give
Perhaps I overwhelmed him with my affection
Doesn’t really matter
I enjoyed that time with him
I just don’t have any more cookies
I’m all out
I am a royal lover and will always be a lover
I don’t know any other way
I will stay the course
And if I see you I will wave at you and smile

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